Friday, February 11, 2011

The short of it.

I was feeling a little bad for walking my shortest distance on Thursday. It had rained all night and into the morning, a cold rain and the clouds never parted as I walked to Jacksonville's Main Street. Two good gentlemen Invited me to have lunch at the restaurant in the Museum of Science and History,the Mosh. I almost broke my tradition of never turning down a kindness but after explaining to them I had just had breakfast with the Firemen the two mens' logic of missed opportunity had me thinking straight again; a salad and lively conversation go well together. My voice projected well in the open space of the museum allowing all around to eavesdrop so I only had to tell my tale once. My two companions had never met yet we all enjoyed exchanging stories as Nice (the dog) enjoyed much attention outside leashed to the world and the metal sculpture outside the museum window. He was visited by a woman in a wheelchair who had lost her leg to diabetes while her friend came in to thank me for walking for diabetes and tell me of her friends hardships with the disease. She seemed nearly in tears with gratitude. Nice gave her friend therapy while I gave the woman inside a hug and encouraged her for her support of her beloved friend. My lunch mates and I. Talked of how strong the feelings of loosing a parent are even decades after their death, of hardship leading to greater knowledge of oneself, of all things having a purpose if we can just stand back to see it. Much as wanted to stay and talk there was a crowd of school children building as well as many business people by the world so I had to leave. As I walked away the women at the table next to us congratulated me for my accomplishment. After spending a few moments with the folks around he world the group of school children grew to fifty or more and as I rolled past I gave them the four sentence explanation fit for their young age to top off their visit to the museum. I was glad I took the advice to accept the offer for lunch, the opportunity saved.
The rest of the day was filled with moments rich with happy conversations like meeting long lost friends. I couldn't help but feel at days end that the day hinged on my willingness to share a meal and later to be open to everyone I met, whatever their station.

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Anonymous said...

this post is just another example of how you're touching so many lives. so many people can relate & learn from your journey. so proud we're from the same city!