Saturday, February 19, 2011

Out on a limb...

I am going to stretch a little, pound this into the pavement and go out on a limb. If you love someone,care for them, say you'd do anything for them; then get with them and walk, ride a bike, go to the gym, work around the yard or play in the woods. Show them your love and stir it up, have some fun. Love yourself up by breaking a sweat. It may help save your life. Yes, I said it, Love yourself. A tough concept for some, even me but after awhile it gets easier to love and respect others when you give yourself the same respect, the warm regard, I'll say it again, the love you would show you parents. After all a loving parent wants their children to be happy. So go ot on that limb, and smile.
I kept waking up thru the night not wanting to take the chance and write this helpful hint down and send it out to whoever might read it. If you find yourself smiling a little more blame it on that guy who's rolling the world through Georgia. Love yourself, it's a movement.
There, I said it. Now maybe I can move on. Like to the rope swing on the end of the limb.
Do you know what to give a clown for her birthday? No, not a polka dotted PT Cruiser, you make her smile.

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Anonymous said...

My 84 yr old mother, type II diabetes recently had a leg amputated due to lack of exercise to keep her blood sugar down & an open sore that wouldn't heal after 3 yrs!