Saturday, February 12, 2011

Many Rivers...

When I wake up I take my first painful steps to stretch the healing heal but never think that I should take a day to... heal.
Everyday has it's trials, its gifts and bridges to cross. This day I crossed a few I'd never imagined. Walking upon the Trout River bridge I talked to a woman for a few minutes on her way into work from sixty feet above her, and as I got to the rivers edge the dock workers in their hard hats were assembled for the morning briefing. They wouldn't stop looking even after a wave so I gave them a brief of my own, "I'm walking for diabetes. If you have a Mother or Sister who is diabetic go walk with them to help control it and show them how much you care." My voice carried pretty good to the hundred or so men and from their positive reaction the message did also. Other bridges are just short and narrow where I have to get out the road flag to give oncoming traffic a warning message. This morning I had one of those too. A good day for bridges. The Nassau river bridge was a bit windy but like the several creek bridges it had a wide safety lane to walk on. Those were just the physical bridges,the spans I joined today were many more than concrete and steel. I was called over to a children's day care where I was asked to tell the children what I was doing and why. I have never seen so many children pile out of a child care school. I kept the message simple, " If you love your friend or family member who has diabetes go for a walk with them to show them that you love them." The message doesn't change from young to old or from race, religion or class.
There were other bridges, personal moments shared with individuals throughout the day where we brightened a Sunny day. A gift I could never receive if I didn't "stretch" and "heal".


agnstdgrain said...

Good to meet you yesterday on side of HW17 & good luck!

That guy & his son ;)

Nicole said...

My husband and I saw you walking along Highway 17 this afternoon on our way to Fernandina. Both of our grandfathers have diabetes, and we think what you are doing is amazing. Keep doing what you're doing and know that you'll always be supported. Take care!

Anonymous said...

I work at the daycare center u stopped at and I can tell u the kids talked about u all day. thank you for stopping in