Monday, February 21, 2011

A stroll to Midway

We left the Volunteer Fire Dept. Of Riceboro and worked our way away from the stinging sulfur smells of the Chemical plant and enjoyed a beautiful morning walk to Midway. The wind was strong and cool so I asked a few who stopped for help to keep the pressure of the World up with the electric camping pump. I also made a maintenance stop to patch a frayed seam over northern Canada. When I made m way to Midway I decided to go a mile to the East to the laundry and there I received a ride back to the purple van in a tiny purple Tracker, sometimes things just work out well. After washing my clothes and air drying my blanket in the spring like sun and wind I was given help by the Midway police dept. Who helped by allowing me to sleep by the municipal building and shuttle me to the van after I rolled the World back to their office at US17. After a pleasant night of sleep we have a long walk to the next town.
We are very close to Savannah and I am walking until March the 10th so I will decide what to do when I am there.
Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to meet you today. I admire your determination and the worthiness of your cause. I will pray that GOD blesses you as you continue your journey. Congrats on the acknowledgment being made of your mother's life work. I would say the man you are is much more of an accolade than the mere appreciation we could ever express! I am sure she is very proud. You honor her and many others with each step you take. Each step of your journey and each conversation you engage in represent the potential first step of another in discovering what they might do for a worthy cause.