Monday, February 7, 2011

Rejuvenating rain.

When we began walking out of the historic part of St. Augustine I was intent on getting a few miles to get to a good place early in the day where we could spend Superbowl Sunday and not be by the busy highway while people were rushing to bowl parties. As usual Nice (the dog) began the morning playing with the leash as I slowly plodded north. He also tends to play more when I am laking enthusiasm and seems to keep pulling on my leash until I work out of my gloom. He frolicked all morning. I stopped for a light breakfast thinking that might help, Nice tugged and jumped after we rolled away from he restaurant. I even stopped and got my hair cut at a barber who was open early on Sunday. It was good to be pampered a bit but my attitude checker continued to jump, crouch and tug as we made our way out of the city center into the open highway. I learned from passers by that I had several miles to go before there would be any suitable place to stop. The cool, cloud filled sky began to mist a light rain. Nice still had some bounce and walked with the leash in his mouth. We finally settled into a pace as we walked by the airport.
When I walked up on a reporter who had set up a tripod and camera just as the rain let up Nice took this opportunity to dig a deep hole. By the end of the interview the reporters shoes where buried in sandy soil. I finally came out of my mood. The sun began to shine and despite a head wind we quickly made our way to a shopping center where we could stay, and coincidentally an Irish Pub where I could watch the Steelers loose. I was born outside of Pittsburg, but you can't win them all.
It rained all night and all morning. Now that I have resigned myself to resting for the first day in almost a month and the rain has stopped it is misting. I will only put my gear on if the roads dry for awhile and the speeding cars stop swirling a heavy, dirty mist as they pass. Nice is snoring while I sit in the Duncin' Donuts.
I tallied all my days mileage and I have 9.3 miles over the daily average of ten so I could relax today rather than roll the six to eight miles I am told we will have to make it to the only gas station between here and there... Decisions, decisions.

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