Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goose bumps in Florida

Yesterday I was walking when I met a woman who was walking and another who had pulled up in her car. We talked about my journeys and gave Nice (the dog) some water and a MilkBone from the woman in the car. The woman who was out for a walk was also diabetic and had forced herself to do it. She told me she had been speaking to her friend about how she had exhausted all her excuses not to exercise knowing it would help her condition. She apologized for not having anything to contribute. I responded that the best thing she could do for me was to keep walking and that my hope is to inspire diabetics and those at risk to get fit. More than any contribution, and if she found herself making reasons not to walk because of this pain or that, to remember that I walk everyday with a torn Achilles tendon and a back riddled with injuries. After I named a few of the excuses I work through she said her's were not so bad. When she said she would keep up a walking regimen after my stories, I got goose bumps. I had done some good by example. That's my icing on the cake.
So if you are making up reasons to sit around instead of being active. remember it doesn't get easier later. It only gets later.

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