Saturday, May 1, 2010

8 Mile

At the end of today's walk we found ourselves at a newly opened bar where Nice (the dog) was pampered, petted, watered, and fed while one of the owners took me back to the Two Ton Grape. We had traveled eight miles, which surprised me since it was so hot and we had to make so many stops in the shade as well as taking time to meet with people along the road. I am going to try to get to bed early and wash up in the morning before we walk on Sunday.

I also got to watch the Kentucky Derby race on the big screen--a reminder of my home town. Derby time is the best time for Louisville, Kentucky.

Many people have come to talk to us saying they couldn't walk a mile, much less eight or ten. You'd be surprised at yourself if you just push yourself a little. If you start hurting, slow down and think of something other than the ache. Soon you may be surprised to find you have walked eight miles.

Sunday is a good day for a stroll.

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kristin said...

was the bar u stopped at named colonial? i was wondering because i live right down the street from there and earler in the day isaw u walking thru hampstead and i think it is truly incredible what u r doing