Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three States and a Dog.

Monday we walked from Maryland into Delaware late in the afternoon. As we crossed the border I looked back on some of the memorable moments that happened. One sunny day Nice (the dog) laid down under the shade of a tree in the front yard of an old woman who came from her garden to see why the World was at her doorstep.
As her and Nice had a therapeutic moment she shared with me that she was diabetic. Though her hands and feet were numb and most days he worked hard to keep her levels balanced she would tend her garden and stay active. She said her grandchildren were a motivation for her on days when she was feeling down and she pushed on. Despite the hardship.
She thanked me for walking for the cause and thanked Nice for reminding her of her little dog she had just lost after 15 years. Scenes like this motivate me to keep going.
Just before we walked out of Maryland we were walking by a drive thru coffee shop when the wind blew hard and seemed to prod me into the picnic bench in front of the shop. I took it as a good time for some coffee and stepped in for a coffee smoothie. I was trying not to be a nuisance and move along but between the brain freeze and the line of patrons that had formed to get coffee and ask about our World I couldn't go . Then a woman pulled up who said she had just been told she was borderline diabetic and the doctors and family say she could turn it around. I shared a story of a man I met who had lost a lot of weight and with walking biking and diet had gotten off medication. She was encouraged and said I was just the thing she needed, that she would redouble her effort. The wind played a part in that scene because I was not going to stop at the Kiosk. As we finally did get going the owner filled our water bottles and encouraged me for what I was doing.
Not far into Delaware we were met by the Newark Delaware Fire Chief who had already read up on us and had a plate of chopped chicken for Nice. we talked about our route and he wrote some instructions out for me. Then he offered for us to stay at the fire house that was a half mile off the route 40 we were walking on. I don't turn down a shower when I am on the road so we were at the station in good time.
Once there the firemen printed a more scenic route off the busy highway to historic New Castle and offered to bring the support van to me when I arrived.
The walk the next day was 14 miles and it rained from early afternoon until almost 6 pm. A couple came and offered warm drinks and a meal at just the right time. They even sent us away with a thermos of coffee and some extra supplies. There are so many good people on the road, I am constantly humbled.
When we arrived in New castle I got to Goodwill Fire Co. To ask if I could park and stay the night in the van but before I knew it I was invited in for the night.
Finally the. Next day we loaded up and drove the World over the Bay Bridge and found a place to begin this morning. We will be head north on route 130.
Have a great day!


Bhug said...

Great story. I believe that was Fox Hollow Coffee in Elkton, Maryland you had stopped at.
I have a photojournalist friend in Hartford, Connecticut who works for the Bristol Press and he asked me last night if you would be traveling through the center part of the state.

Anonymous said...

Saw you on Rt. 130 in NJ today, Had to slow and take a picture or ppl would think I bumped my head. Glad you have a website to back it up as well. I googled you when I got home and if I had realized what the cause was I would have stopped and said thank you. I have juvenile diabetes and it really is something for you and Nice to be to be doing this. Keep on walking!!!

Anonymous said...

Just passed you on Rt. 130 in Pedricktown, NJ on the way back from the grocery store. Found it ironic. My mother has been diabetic since childhood and due to not taking care of it until much later in life is facing serious complications with Diabetic Retinopathy and just had another round of laser treatments yesterday (5/12/10) morning.

On our way back from the grocery store today i was talking with my boyfriend about the positive choices i've been making in attempting to control my diabetes with diet changes and exercise.

Then - we pass you - i tried to snap a quick camera phone shot - but it didn't come out so good.

It was so wonderful to pass you on the road and look you up and read about what you are doing.

Simply amazing and awe inspiring...

Thank you for a wonderful trek, project, goal, etc.....