Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The World has a Different Hue Under the Full Moon

The heat got the best of me today. We got going early enough, but with a poor angle in the breeze and the morning traffic on the road that was recommended by a police officer yesterday, I was already fatigued by the time I had to run the train underpass in rush hour traffic. Running under the bridge in traffic predictably brought a patrol officer who got a call of a man, a dog and a bow and arrow. The report did not mention a six foot globe. My. Twisted willow staff attached to the strap on the World does fancy a bow. The officer left without incident.

The heat came on quickly and the office frontages were all grass with no trees to pass under. Though I had loaded up on water I was soon overburdened with gifts of an extra bottle from the people who stopped to talk. Being taught to never turn down a kindness has it's downfalls. Still, it is rude to refuse a gift.

I stopped at a paint store to get a match for the blue of the world which I used this evening to touch up and mask the odor left from the streets of New york city. The older man who they tasked with the custom match did a fine job with the blend and it is a complimentary hue.

Because of the heat we had to stop walking early, The temperature wash 95 degrees and we, luckily, were given a space in a deli shops parking lot for the night. The owner is a great guy and a pleasure to talk to. A diabetic who had given me his card earlier in the day helped me and took me to the van.the heat had the van as hot as a sauna.
My moment of the day came with an older woman who came out of the. Deli with a sandwich and sat next to Nice (the dog), She , it turns out, is diabetic and after helping to her feet she hugged me for what we are doing.

The moon is full and I hope.I can sleep well. Good Night New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Just saw you in Warren, NJ. I didn't know what the deal was, I'm glad I looked into it. God Bless!!!! Travel Safe.

Anonymous said...

I saw you today in greenbrook at the tire/repair shop.I was delivering tires in the big white truck. God bless you for what you are doing. Have a safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone is wishing you a safe journey but has anyone realized that you are walking with a 8ft. ball and a dog!!! It doesnt matter that the dog has foot boots on, you are placing an extreme stressful burden on him, you are not in the iditarod,where dogs are trained to walk thousands of miles. this is an ordinary dog which you are expecting too much from. Thats fine you have a cause to walk for, but the dog doesnt and subjecting him to this stress is animal cruelty! I really hope you stop and think about this and I hope others notice this also. There are many other ways to promote a cause ,but your way doesnt seem appropriate. I feel sorry for your dog "Nice" and hope the angels are looking after him.
No animal should be exploited like this just for the sake of being reckonized! If he could talk he would tell you how tired he is....
Is this necessary?????????