Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, our Day in Grace, and the Road to NorthEast

When the sun came up over the river I pumped some air in the World, and since we were unable to see anything of the city of Havre de Grace yesterday because of wind and traffic, I walked in the early Sunday streets.

I made our way to the only coffee house open on Sunday and had a good time with the woman who works there and the only other patron in the shop. We then made our way to the docks where a paddle wheel ship was docked. It is tiny compared to The Belle of Louisville which is still in service in my hometown, yet it still is impressive to see an old paddle wheeler.

I was also glad to see how accommodating the city is. They have public restroom accommodations for the tourism season. Our National Mall has no such thing, and if you ever have to roll a canvas world on the Mall in the rain, you won't like the aroma the next day.

I say this because Havre de Grace lost the chance to be our nation's capitol by one vote and, I think, is better-off for it. A statue and the oldest operating lighthouse in the country is enough to accent it's beauty. This area of Maryland would be very different had that vote so long an age ago had gone another way. The lighthouse was first I'd ever seen. To see one with such a history as my first makes it special.

I will cherish this morning's memory. A happy memory for Mothers' Day is hard to come by since my mother has gone. Were it not for the hurt of loosing my mother at such an early age to diabetes I would be back in my hometown hammering nails or painting some little old lady's house because it's more fulfilling working for an old woman in need than remodeling a McMansion. My mother has been gone almost half my life and I still grieve. If I can influence someone to avoid this hurt for their children by regulating their diabetes, getting fit to prevent diabetes, to somehow make it important and make changes in their life for the people they love, my walks will be a success to me.

I walked around havre de Grace this morning and put the World in the van, drove over the river then walked eight miles to avoid thinking about Mothers Day. I could have rested my sprained ankle but where's the fun in that? I honestly just wanted to fall asleep rather than write a post for Mothers Day. So all you Moms out there: take care, lest your sons or daughters walk thousands of miles to ease their pain.

I talked myself into needing a hug. Com'ere' Nice...


Anonymous said...

Your ending brought tears to my eyes. I am a young mother, fearful that I've got diabetes because I've allowed myself to become so unhealthy. I've put off testing recommended by my doctor, and give of myself so much that I let my own health concerns fall to the wayside. I hear from my family members that I must take care of myself for my two young sons; that taking the time to care for myself and my own health IS in essence "taking care of" them.

Thank you for this. It struck such a cord inside of my heart. You are an amazing person... I do believe you have just changed my life with your post and your journey.

Cathy said...

Erik, the World Guy took the time to explain how his mom died at an early age because she took care of everybody but herself due to complications due to diabetes.

To the lady who posted a comment, the stories are the same.

If you don't take care of yourself, first, you can't take care of your family.

WTG Erik.