Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding my Pace

I've found that trying to post is the hardest part. In the evening after walking all day, talking to all the good people we meet, then getting things together to settle down for the night. I usually write the introduction and then fight sleep that takes hold and shuts my body down. I'm finding the morning after to be the time for writing even if the events aren't as fresh. This is the third long trek we have taken and I am still learning to pace myself. No day is the same and each has some special moment that may or may not have a connection to our cause of walking for diabetes awareness.
Last night we were taken in by the Robbinsville Firefighters and the police department shuttled me back to pick up the support van. The timing was great, and I'm just amazed how I am welcomed by all the firefighters I've met.
Yesterday was filled with moments, and the theme seemed to center around mothers and daughters. My way of making the point is take care of yourself so you can live long and be around for your grandchildren. One mother and daughter pulled up and when discovering my cause they excitedly announced they were diabetic. I reminded them that being active, even just walking is key to keeping their levels balanced. They both looked guilty and agreed they should do more. Then the mother lowered the rear tinted window to reveal her mom and two grandchildren, and their guilt became more evident. Before they pulled away they promised to go walking, for the kids sake.
I will work on pacing myself so I can do my job of sharing my days experience on the blog. I have a guilty look on my face now.
Have a great day New Jersey.

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Eric Leslie said...

Just saw you and Nice walking up Route 130 in Hightstown, NJ! Great cause and good luck with safe travels!