Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Moment

I am awake early (4am) and can't get the scene from yesterday off my mind. For five hours I was sitting on a bench in this small town. The reason I made my way to downtown was to eat at a seafood restaurant, Price Seafood. I didn't know where it was. Soon the wind blew-in and I was unable to wander about to find the place. I tied down to a bench.

During the day I had many conversations with people as I was waiting for the winds to calm enough to move. As I told my life story over and again, I would ask where Price's Seafood was. Some had heard of it but did not know where it was. I had thought it was further down the historic St. Johns, the road with all the shops. I could not walk up because of the high winds and narrow walks. I sat, I talked, I told my story, I told my story... again!

Then, when I was telling my story, again, to one particular person, I mentioned that I had come to see the restaurant and she said it was just down the street in the other direction, not three hundred feet from where I was. Even in the blustering wind I could have gotten there hours before. I quickly gathered my things and at a run I was to my goal for the day.

That was when I had my Forest Gump moment. If you haven't seen the movie you wouldn't understand.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Erik & Nice I met u and Nice at the Lighthouse this morning and gave u a cig, I hope u rember me and my dog Rusty, I which u well and God be with u both on your journey and it was nice to meet u and Nice. Have a great day.
Bobbi Andrews
Havre DE Grace, MD