Monday, May 17, 2010

Authorization and the Fork in the Road.

Riverton Fire Dept.A day that starts with comedy is a good day. I was awakened by the sound of a firefighter loading things in his truck. Soon another pulled in to help gather supplies for the event the company was attending today. The first asked the other if he had gotten authorization to park this "clown truck" there in the lot. I flipped open the levered window and said, "No, but I have." And in one sentence told him what we were doing. We all had a good laugh.
The skies were cloudy all day and the wind was rarely a factor as we made our way along the river boroughs from Riverton to Burlington. I had no map like the previous day, but I had direction from people I spoke with throughout the day. The paramedic station downtown was too busy to help out a boy and his dog so we kept up the trek toward the main road of route 130. Not knowing where I would find a safe haven for the night and without a ride to shuttle the "circus truck" forward, I had to convince myself that things would come together.
Everyday presents itself with different challenges and high points. I had many favorable moments during the day. A woman took her afternoon walk with us which is a treat that rarely occurs. The last time anyone walked with us was In Illinois during our walk last year from Kentucky to Kansas. We had a good time talking along the way. We talked with the mayor of one of the towns and enjoyed several other conversations during the two miles she stayed with us.
I'd come to a fork in the road both figuratively and literally. I could see the highway ahead. Not sure which was the best route, like my wavering energy I chose south.
I walked by a ball park with a baseball game in progress. The parents on the bleachers turned to look. Not wanting to take their attention from their childrens' game I felt like reciting the line from "The Wizard of Oz" when Toto is pulling back the drapes and the wizard booms, "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!". Instead I quickly let them know what I was doing and apologized for distracting from the game. A few came over to ask more questions and offered directions to a nearby volunteer fire house. The man who gave me directions said he would meet me there and offered a ride back to the Riverton firehouse to fetch the purple stripped "circus" van. He had friends at both firehouses and was able to arrange for us to keep the world safe while we shuttled back. When we pulled up to Riverton the men there had all returned from a golf event and invited us in for a bite to eat. Even Nice (the dog) was showered with attention by the wives and children. Our savior of the day knew some of the men there. We had fresh grilled burgers and a good time was had by all.
When I finally got back to where the World had landed and started to write my daily post, I fell asleep with my Blackberry still in my hand. I have written most of this in the morning. It is raining now. So, I may be here for the day.
I am so thankful to the firemen who have guided me so far and the help from the law enforcement communities that help ensure our safety.
Enjoy the rain New Jersey, may it help your flowers bloom.

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Unknown said...

I saw you both walking down Cuthbert Blvd in New Jersey on my way to work one more. No one believed me, but I have be looking for you on the internet and here you are. Just wanted to say you are an awesome person. And I will enjoy following your blogs of your journeys. Safe walking.