Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our First Day in New Jersey, Love Taps, and The Girls.

We slept at a rest stop last night on the recommendation of the fireman at Deep water. His advice was great, we slept late until 8am. Then we made it to the station house and inflated the World, the firemen stopped traffic so they could take a picture of Nice (the dog), me and the World in front of the building and all the trucks. They said they will post it on their web site. We were off into New Jersey by nine o'clock.
I am anxious when we begin each new state but the people of New Jersey were great all day. I was never wanting for extra water from people stopping with a bottle for Nice and me. I enjoyed talking with all the police officers who stopped. The word of Nice and the World spread quickly and we had a fine day despite the three fender car bumping "Love tap" , as one of the drivers described it.
At the end of the day I got a ride back to get the van while Nice was pampered by several pretty young girls. Some guys have all the luck.
I am going to get some sleep now. Good night New Jersey!


mandyp said...

I heard you were in Bridgeport at the fire house last night! Sorry I missed you... I would have loved to have you and your puppy over for dinner and a rest with my family and our four legged friend too. Just incase you make it back our way someday... you have friends in Bridgeport NJ!
I love what your doing... Happy Trails.... Amanda

harleygirl24 said...

eric and nice,
it was an honor to meet you yesterday. my boys were thrilled. i hope you enjoyed seeing our little bit of salem county, new jersey. this truly is a great cause that you are walking for, and one that is near and dear to me, as i have lost family to this disease. i just wanted to let you know that you will always be remembered for the wonderful thing that you are doing, and i hope you will remember the small farm towns you passed through in south jersey. my boys and i will be following your blog and praying for your safety. give nice a good scratch behind the ears for us!! God Speed and God Bless. Dawn, Zac, and Chase. Pedricktown, NJ