Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Morning Sunrise

Yesterday afternoon we walked into beautiful and historic Cranbury, found the old and the new Firehouses, talked with the volunteer commander and took some pictures. I then settled down to the work of global reconditioning. As I worked, a local reporter cam to talk with me. We had an interesting interview for his weekly publication. After he left I retouched as much as I could of our planet as possible before the sun went down. Then I wrote a little post and now after a good night's sleep I am getting ready for the day's dozen. We will walk through the rest of historic and beautiful Cranbury before getting back on route 130 to the next city. I hear I have several miles of industry to pass before I get back to civilization. I will need to take plenty of water just in case we have no place to resupply. I am glad I took the time to do some repainting on the World as the rains and roads of the past two hundred miles are taking a toll on the fabric of our little globe.
Have a wonderful day New Jersey!


Victor Raczka said...

Eric and Nice,
I’m glad you guys stopped in Cranbury and didn’t decide to push for North Brunswick’s firehouse. Cranbury is a beautiful town filled with a lot of history. I’m glad I had the opportunity to stop and talk to you for a bit. Thank you for what your doing and safe roads ahead.


Unknown said...

I drove past you on Route 130 today! Sorry I didn't have time to stop and say hello. Stay safe!

Jerseygirldonna said...

Good Afternoon Eric. It was a pleasur to meet you and "Nice" this morning at Teddy's Restaurant. Best wishes and may God bless you both on your journey.

Donna (the bacon and water lady)

Champiness said...

I saw you walking around by an apartment complex today! You were talking to a group of guys who seemed pretty interested.
Before that you seemed to have been stopped by a police officer right by my neighborhood. Was everything all right?

World Guy said...

I had good conversations with several police officers toaday. None had a problem but were just interested in our story.

UPSGuy said...

Glad you decided to check out Cranbury and not shoot for South Brunswick, it was an extremely hot day that day.
And as I'm sure you witnessed a very small and historic town worth the stop. So many nice people.
Hope you enjoyed your "turtle" and peanut butter granola.
Keep on keeping on, was glad to see you. Stay safe!!