Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Relieved Thanks

The men of Burlington Relief Fire Company #3
A quick thanks to the men at Relief Fire Company #3 in Burlington New Jersey.
They were out this morning serving us all!


Anonymous said...

I would love to bring my children to meet you and Nice!! We live in Burlington, NJ and I saw you this morning on Rt 130. I immediately looked on Facebook to my friends to know if they had any idea of your cause! I will check back later in hopes of finding out where you are so that I can bring my sons to see you and bring Nice some chicken :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw you walking down Rte 130 in Bordentown NJ on my lunch break! Your big Katamari globe was a sight to behold. Rock on.

CJ Styles said...

Hey it was nice talking to you and petting your dog Nice, you both are very nice! Great job doing what you are doing!

(the granola bar girl)

Anonymous said...

Nice talking to you today eric from the guys in the police van on rt.130!!!!