Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Son and Nice (the dog)

Years ago I walked through the side streets and parks close to our home with my seven year old son playing ball. It was a very large ball and soon the idea to walk for diabetes awareness took hold and I walked alone. A few years ago with a broken back I needed some therapy and my desire to do more than just work as a carpenter and further injure my back brought me to revive the cause I'd left behind to raise my son, and build my in laws family business. Walking helped heal me in more ways than I imagined while doing something that brings a smile to most and a message about diabetes. My puppy joined me on a walk from Louisville to Pittsburg. Then again, last year, to Kansas from Kentucky as well as to the top of Pike's Peak. This spring Nice(the dog) and me have walked well over two hundred miles together.
This morning my son, now nineteen, arrived by bus to join us for the journey. It warms my heart that he wants to come. I am sure that he will learn things about himself , like I have, that he never thought would be found on the side of the road. I hope he will see the good in the people we meet, as I do each day.
Tomorrow we will start on the road together. A happy man, his son Ethan and Nice (the dog).

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