Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Finally Used It

My final day of walking in New Jersey was as hard as any. The wind buffeted us backward. I had to push for every foot most of the day, even pushing down hills. Tacking from one side of the four lane state road to the other was no better. We did have many good conversations with many who we would have passed had the winds been calm, so I pushed on one labored step at a time.

We had good directions from the New Brunswick firemen, but I took an exit off the road before I should and found I was on a divided highway. Then a man stopped with encouraging words and advice how to correct my mistake but was not sure of the exact directions. The next exit found us skirting an industrial area with little traffic. I knew I had to circle around to a bridge that crossed the highway I had been on earlier, but was at a loss as to how to get there. Standing on a corner to an office complex, a van stopped and the man began taking pictures with his phone. I called over to ask the best way. He was no help. So for the first time in my travels I used the GPS hanging from my neck. It led me to the helping hands of the Perth Amboy fire Department.

I said I would take more time to post updates but I find myself in a rush.

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BĂȘte Noire said...

I saw you today !! I was going to say hi but you were busy with some other folks! Good luck on your travels!!!

Heres a link to a picture I took of you: