Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Thanks

On this first morning of February begins and the light of the sun begins to rise bringing color to the clear Florida sky I want to thank all the people and moments who have made this walk what is, a blessing. From my sisters and brother who have given me encouragement and support to the women I met yesterday as I passed over the bridge to The Hidden Treasure and insisted I stop for the last night in January I was going to go on with this list for an hour or so but I am about to enjoy my morning coffee with the good people at the fairview motel who let me take a shower and stay in on of the newly renovated rooms. ( I slept in the van so Nice(thedog) wouldn't stress).
Dennis to "k", thank you all!

Please walk for your health, it could save your life.
And thanks to my mother for the example to do something for others.
Gotta' go!


Anonymous said...

I saw you out my office window this morning headed north on US1. You are doing something amazing!! Good luck and keep on trucking!

Anonymous said...

I just saw you on Ridgewood in Daytona today and as soon as I got back to my computer I had to find out what you were about. This is a great tribute to your mother and all the other people with diabeties.

Wishing you a safe journey.