Sunday, February 20, 2011

From The Piggly Wiggly to Riceboro

I was getting ready to leave Eulonia from "the Pig" when a man pulled up. He had been sent by his sister to find out why a man was rolling a big blue ball. It turned out he had lost his brother to diabetes. He said his brother had traded in his insulin for alcohol and denial. He did not want to go the way of his brother and learn more of what he could do. It struck me that after loosing his brother to this disease it took a guy passing thru his quiet Georgia town to spark his desire to test his blood sugar. I guess I am doing some good. It is a shame about his brother though, like the man I met my first day in this state who told me after he retired he gained thirty five pounds and when he went to the doctor he told him the reason was "just plain 'sorryness". That mans' doctor told him "There's no pill for 'sorryness, you gotta' change your ways."
While I walked the fourteen and a half miles to Riceboro I had time to myself and many visits from many people. One was a second visit from a man I'd met the day before who had been cured of diabetes after receiving a transplant of a second kidney and a pancreas. He was receiving disability and was only able to work and make a small amount to supplement his income and cover his bills because the doctors would not release him for full time work. He stopped to give me a few dollars from the gas money he had just received to begin a painting job he got that morning. I was touched deeply by that act from this man who had endured so much.
As he walked away he told me he and his family love me.
I loved them back.


Unknown said...

Welcome to Midway,GA. World guy, I hope you felt at home here and God Bless you as you journey. My mother has had diabetes since 1984 and now it is claiming her kidneys. It is a deadly disease. Best wishes from Neil and Leanna and the little black dog in the purple tracker. God Bless.

Unknown said...

We hope the charger outlet and the water helped today for you and Nice. It was truely a moving moment see someone take action in what they believe in. GOD Bless and my your journey be filled with lots of hope and better weather on your long distance journeys. Robert and Melissa Abrams
Hinesville GA