Friday, February 4, 2011

Misty Update

I had a great day pushing against the wind walking from Korona into Palm Coast. The wind kept my progress north down and at the end of the day I was helped to get haven at the Human society Shelter, taken out to dinner while still able to get almost ten miles. It is misty this morning. And I can't see the top of the nearby cellular tower. I am told I have seven miles before the expressway and some stores. The World will be heavy today and the sand will stick to the wet canvas but it is not raining. The mist is not enough to stop me. It is times like these when I would rather be a clod of excuses and relax for the day. The forecast is not getting better and the animals here are making me sad, plus having Nice(the dog around this environment makes me uneasy.
Diabetics need to carry on daily so I will make an effort.
For the cause!


Anonymous said...

You are a "wonderful kind of crazy" and as a diabetic I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing. You and Nice, your dog, are to be commended. This is a disease that takes everything from you and having someone like you out there to bring awareness and help, well there are just not enough words to say "Thank You". Keep up the great work and God bless you!

Carly said...

This is awesome! Make sure you stay hydrated!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on on US 1 as I drove to St.Augustine. I had to search the internet to see what it was all about.
Thanks for bringing awareness to a deadly disease.
Best Wishes!

Julie said...

I saw you in Titusville, FL and wondered what you were doing, and then I found out through the Facebook grapevine about your cause. Ironically enough, I saw you 8 days later entering St Augustine! I admire you and think that this is a great way to get people's attention about the seriousness of diabetes! Best of luck to you and Nice!

Jen ~ Jacksonville, FL said...

This afternoon I was sitting with co-workers and saw you approaching. I said to myself, there has to be a story there. Even taking an extra step in taking a picture on my camera phone and posting it to Facebook. Within moment of the post I had a friend comment and say "That's the World Guy", he was walking up US1 and just outside of St. Augustine on Sunday. Where is here now? I wish you and Nice well and good health on your venture.
~Jacksonville, FL