Sunday, February 6, 2011

St. Augustine and Superbowl Sunday Sunday Sunday!

We spent the night outside the fire station on Ponce De Leon Blv. And this cool cloudy Superbowl Sunday I am hoping to find an early ending point and be able to get a ride back to retrieve the van. I have my pup tent just in case. I am feeling tired this morning. Not very enthusiastic about writing.

Maybe it's that we have not had a day off from walking since we began on the tenth of January. I will come into it before the day is over.

Take a stroll for me.


Unknown said...

Sorry we missed you. Just left Donovan's Irish Pub. Thanks for all you are doing. We are a couple blocks away and if you need a place to crash for the night just let us know. Your friends in the green cadillac.

Unknown said...

We saw you earlier and I searched the Internet to see if we could find you....I only wish I had know what you were up too....we could have given you and your dog a father has been a diabetic since he was 8 years old ands is now 64 and reasonably healthy. Good luck and god bless

Karin said...

My husband and his friend saw you up by the airport this afternoon...hubby came home and said "A guy with a giant ball is walking up US1! And he has a really cool dog!"
He said you looked pretty tired. Hope you get some good rest tonight! We will be donating to the diabetes cause tonight in your honor. God Bless You, and Nice, too! Good luck on your journey!

Anonymous said...

I saw you walking towards the fire station on my way home. Several of my family members have diabetes. You're a great man!

Anonymous said...

I was driving a lot this weekend and saw you about three times. When I saw you're "world" at village in, I needed a picture. Then I saw world diabetes walk...did some research and saw what you were doing. It's amazing. My mom is diabetic and I can never encourage her to walk or take good care of her self. But I showed her this website and some of the things you wrote, and you inspired her. Thank you so much.