Friday, March 4, 2011

The Day After

Yesterday we walked against some heavy gusts and brutal wind. We made it to our goal in the end but during the night I felt the effects. My wrist felt as if I had lost a wrestling match and my thighs were tight. Taking my time this morning to get back on the road I was thankful for a break from the winds. We made good progress and covered many miles in short order. When we approached Leland the wind picked up and many people stopped to talk. I liked the conversations but the winds were dealing a knock out punch to my body. I held up well yesterday, today I was drained. The last mile and one half, with all the stops and winds, took two and a half hours. I was glad to finally get to a place for the night and grateful for a woman who shuttled me to the van right away. The fun in the wind had it's toll on me, when I recover I will be a little stronger. When I recover...

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