Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three weeks back home...Someone stop me from posting this dribble!

That's how long I've been home healing. A friend died, Japan is teetering on disaster, the Arab Spring is springing, NCAA March Madness is down to the Final Four I have taken up the task of giving something away every day. Today I gave away wood to an artist who lives and works close by. Yesterday it was a grill and two pieces of furniture. Another day a cookie jar. No, two cookie jars and an end table, another day I gave away two cherished books and a framing square. Another day the car, we still have to go downtown and transfer the title. He keeps calling to ask how much I want for it, he'll pay enough for the parts to fix the front end and replace the motor mounts. He needs a car and has the tools and know-how to fix it along with the fact that he is a good friend, I just had it parked out back since last fall with no intention to repair it. One less thing. Twenty one days and as many hot showers as I can stand, my skin is so dry from all the cleanliness. That's the time I've had to myself , I'm in a haze, sleeping, eating, laughing, dreaming. Last night I was so happy and proud that I was in California doing some good work with a woman whose face and name faded as I awoke to the snow coating the grass outside my bedroom window. My nightly adventures sometimes are so real I forget that many of the participants have long since passed on, friends, family, movie stars and dignitaries. I never used to remember that I had dreamed, but now it is the best part of some days. Five hundred and four hours... I was so bored I wrote some bad poetry of heartbreak when I am now more happy than I have ever been, alone with my dog. Both of us are going a little stir-crazy while I prepare to go on another walk though. Thirty four thousand and four hundred minutes. The most satisfied I have been was when I rolled two limestone blocks which weighed five hundred pounds a piece using lever and blocks. It's all about leverage. Two million four hundred eight thousand heartbeats...yep, I should get back on the road soon.

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