Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'll go with,"One hundred percent."

The clouds are rolling past in layers, the man on the radio says it will rain through the day and into this evening. It has already rained hard once but the sun is peeking in as the wind now buffets the van. It is still early and Nice "the dog" doesn't seem to mind the lazy Sunday. If the roads dry up I could be fooled into walking later. I have charged out once before during this trip and battled stinging rain and forty mile per hour gusts, an episode in my life that is burned into my memory in the same category as the scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc, or the moonlit night my son and I were beaten back by the seventy miles per hour winds of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Or the time I walked through a drenching rain for two miles to get to a dry hotel room and when I finally got there I wanted to roll up the steep bank to the hotel entrance rather than push down to the driveway one hundred feet down the road. The twenty foot high, rocky, brush filled earthen bank to the edge of the parking lot would usually be simple but with rain saturating the canvas World making it very heavy and the waterfall of rainwater washed away the rocks and dirt around my feet; I was only able to reach the parking lot by standing on the root bases of the scrub brushes and step of before they washed away. The parking lot was a three inch high pool as I reached the top, all draining over the bank I had just traversed. It is gusting wind and though the sun is shining the rest of the sky is clouded.

I could use the Cracker Barrel gift card a couple in a green SUV gave me when I was in South Florida. I wonder what healthy food I can get there. For now I will rest, and eat this granola a young couple brought me last night, it is Sunday.


Unknown said...

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor for what I thought was just a little foot pain. After many tests, I was informed on Wednesday that I have Diabetes. I am learning to change my lifestyle so that I won't let this diagnosis rule my life. On Friday I saw you walking on Highway 17 and thought that was weird. I then saw your globe in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I drove by and took photos. After learning about your cause I wish that I had stopped to meet you.Good luck on your travels and thank you for bringing awareness to Diabetes.

Anonymous said...

Post you location..

Erik said...

I am at Wal-mart in Wilmington next to US17, the expressway and Cracker Barrel.