Friday, March 4, 2011

Woulda' shoulda' coulda'

Thirteen years ago I had prepared to go for a walk to inform of Diabetes Awareness Week brought about by The American Diabetes Association every March. A short one, only a hundred and twenty miles but because I had asked the help of a sponsor the man from the ADA, who was helping coordinate on his own time, had to call off the walk the day before because the sponsor had not come through with the promised money and was not returning calls. I later found out my sponsor had a reputation for this habit in other fund-raising events where the loss of one sponsor would not stop the presses to remove his logo from a t-shirt. I wanted to go on my own. I had the time slotted and had a loan from my father that I could pay over time. Instead I mailed the check back to my father and have wondered for all these years what adventure I had missed. Without that experience, and all the things that occurred from then to now, I would not be here today in the State I am in. A happy man who appreciates the goodn' woulda' shoulda' coulda'.


Unknown said...

I passed you a few days ago while driving in LIttle River, SC. Then a friend of mine saw you in Shallotte, NC. Had I known who you were and what message you were bringing, I would have stopped and shook your hand. My family has been devastated by diabetes and I am currently getting tested to see if I can donate a kidney to my cousin due to his renal failure. I thank you for spreading the message. Where are you now? said...

I really appreciate your kindly heart. I stopped today with my grandfather to give you five dollars, after he argued for me to keep my mother for gas and school but he had paid for my lunch so we are now even. I hope you have a safe and successful journey. Best wishes, Haylea and Haywood Sullivan, Wilmington NC!