Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Debate.

Here I go again, thinking out loud to the World-Wide-Web when all I intended was to say I am finished patching all the leaks I could find and have stuffed the inner tube back into the small opening of the canvas world. I am going to walk about my neighborhood this afternoon. What I am thinking about is what to do when I leave again for the next walk. To let go of the things that keep me here. The lifetime of possessions I have collected. The tools ladders, the boxes of family pictures, music albums and DVDs,books, and furniture that keep me. I have several friends who want me to move to their homes or would keep my paired-down life's clutter. The house I live in I am maintaining by the grace of a good family, a long story not to be shared here, and I would not have been able to do these walks without their kindness. Nothing lasts forever and I will soon need to move. I need an address and home is where the heart debate of the heart, fettered or not?
Walk and occasionally coax someone to do something that may improve their life. Or I could stay here and be a carpenter. I have built foundations, constructed scores of homes and businesses but all of those accomplishments pale to the few messages and phone calls from people I have met for a few moments or have never seen who were inspired to make a difference in their own world.

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Miss Sandy said...

Hello Erik,
Hope you knee is continuing to heal. Sorry to hear that your needing to move. As a pack-rat it can be very hard to let your worldly possessions go. I know cause I have a little pack-rat in me. But if you choose to donate some of your things to others who can benefit from them you will be again helping someone who is in need. Try emptying only a small space each day and it wont seem like such a big task. Stay positive in your quest and know there are other out there who understand where it is that you are comming from. God will lead you where it is that you need to be. I will check in with you again soon to see how things are going. But be aware that I have 4 children and it may take me a while. By the way did you enjoy your Girl Scout Cookies?