Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few words, then sleep.

It is good I stopped where I did yesterday, like someone out there was watching out for me. Though I may have had an easier time with yesterdays wind, would have found myself without a safe haven last evening. I left this morning at ten past eight and with the help of many drivers who helped keep the world pumped up during the cool and very windy day I. Arrived at Handee Hugo's some thirteen miles north at six forty as darkness fell. Several folks had given me their numbers to call at the end of the day and one was waiting for me but a man was also there who was going past my starting place on his way home. I could not have made it today without so many good and friendly people from police to parents with car loads of children, I am grateful to one and all.
I met a man today who was a prosthetic salesman. He informed me that diabetics are the are the #1 consumers of his prosthetics "in the whole world". So, I sarcastically will say, "Use it or lose it!"


Miss Sandy said...

Hello Erik,
As a motber I am so very proud of you. You should know that God and your mother are always walking with you. Go forth and keep inspireing others. Just one act of kindness can make many differences. You'll never know how many people you've touched, but know that you are making a difference. My heart goes out to you not for pity but purely with pride. Keep up the great mission. And Ill keep following your blog to see where your going next.

God has and will continue to bless you!!!!!!!

ls23clemson said...

My fiance and I were driving home from work yesterday when we saw a man rolling a ginormous globe down 17. We both looked at each other and said simultaneously "Did that really just happen?" I was tempted to turn around just because my curiousity was getting to me. Now I regret that we didn't. I googled "man rolling globe" to see if there was anyone else who had witnessed what we did, and your name and story came up. I am so sorry we didn't stop as it turns out you are doing this for a very good cause. Keep it up!