Saturday, March 5, 2011

It is important

A few years ago, on our first walk, I was in northern Ohio where state road 22 becomes restricted highway so I had to skirt along the original "old road" usually named Steubenville Pike. I was "in the middle of nowhere" as they say and a man came up while I was talking to some other folks, then more people came and went as he stayed there listening. When all the other had left he told me he had lost both his parents to diabetes, type-1, and was himself diabetic. In tears he shared the regret he had for the times, even years when he neglected his diabetes. How it wrecked his body and he knew had he made it important before the permanent damage had been done he would be so much healthier. I can tell you now that I had to give that man a hug, and not a slap on the back - man hug but one of those blubberin' we both lost our 'mommas' to diabetes type hugs. All that girly' stuff aside, the point is he learned the hard way, "use it our loose it."
I talked with a man yesterday who was telling me of his battle he is fighting to keep his foot, a scratch that in a few days almost led to amputation. He showed me his "report card" and his schedules. He was stammering and sort of choking when he admitted he didn't always take it seriously. He was scared and fighting for his life, he was now a believer. He was making it important.
I know diabetes runs deep in my family and I know who I favor from my parents makeup. I know if I don't stay active, don't "use it', I will slip into diabetes and loose sooner.
I'm tired and should have just gone to sleep. Now I went and showed my feelings again.

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