Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WIlmington to Scott's Hill

We left the Wal-Mart early, rested from the first rain day we have had during this trip. It was a bit breezy, the wind was stiff but manageable. I was full of energy and had some pep in my step rolling north.

Somewhere during the first miles I pulled something in my knee that gave me a little pain. But, of course, I continued on. It bothered me throughout the day as I stopped to talk with lots of people.

The hospitality of North Carolina showed through all day. When I stopped for breakfast a nice gentlman picked up my check and despite my rule to turn down no kindness, I accepted only two lunches. I had to graciously refuse three others while I made my way out of Business-17 and back to the wide US17.

At the end of the day we made it to the last small group of businesses before what I was told was the long stretch to the next town. So, I asked for a place to park my van. Just as I did that, a man and his teenage son came up to ask about what we were doing. He offered for us to stay at his place across the road, and gave me a ride to fetch the support van. When we returned he offered a shower and we washed a load of clothes. He wanted me to visit with him all night as he was a night-owl but the dozen mile gimp of the day and the first shower I have had since Savannah had me longing for sleep. Baby wipes and a bucket of water just go so far to keep me clean. I was awakened several times with phone calls from people who had seen us on the road and a man who had given me a ride and a shower outside of Sebastian in Florida (I'd say the name of the town but it is buried in my notes) but I did have a good sleep.

This sunny morning I still have not gotten out from under the knap-sack as the World outside the van is topped with frost, and I am avoiding standing because I am worried my knee may protest too much. I am two days away from the time I have set to end this chapter in this tour of the east coast southern states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I don't want to end it two days early because of injury. If I aggravate my knee too much it might make it worse. You will be the first to know if I have to make the call.

Enjoy your day!


Unknown said...

Hi world guy
I hope you can continue your journey
And your knee will be ok, have you iced it and taken ibuprofen?
I will say a prayer for you now

Regina in Cocoa,Fl

Anonymous said...

I have seen you twice, once in sc and once in nc. stay around for awhile and get well. ibprof. should do the trick. try a knee brace sometime.
hampstead, nc