Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some days...NC

It's cool this morning and the radio says it will be a day of gusting winds. If the wind is from the right direction it could be fun, or a labor. How far I will travel always is factored by the wind, the people and Nice "the dog". With the advice of good women at the Local Literacy Council I had a short walk yesterday. Rather than walk sixteen miles or more I opted to take it slow. Since I began this winter walk in Januaryt I have walked a good five hundred miles. I walked from Fort Lauderdale through Georgia to the South Carolina border and after a short visit with my boy I returned again to Myrtle Beach. North Carolina will be my final destination when I stop this trip on the tenth of March. As much as I would love to continue, I have chores at home, I must stop somewhere and then prepare for the next adventure in spring to spread our little message; walk with your loved ones to control or prevent diabetes.
I usually have more to say, some days I just need to walk. Enjoy the beautiful day!

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