Friday, March 11, 2011

" How are you doing?"

It is not my usual habit to use caution and stop what I am doing to prevent injury. I have worked my back into arthritis and endured years of spasms at the end of each day because I could not, would not stop and heal. I could list injuries and sprains in the dozens that lingered far longer than they should because of my hard headed stubborn attitude. Last night I walked Nice (the dog) just far enough to do his business and returned home. I'm sure I walked farther than many who have no injuries, only excuses,and my knee is not in pain though I can feel it is mending, that it can mend if I go slowly to let it heal. When I walked into my neighborhood store this morning I was assessing my knee and realized this was one of the first times I can remember where I slowed my roll to heal. It feels odd, but good. When the woman at the counter asked how I was doing I realized I was feeling good, and good about myself. Not regretting having walked that extra mile to prove I could.
Now I need to respect myself. Heal so I can walk another day.
Now is when I can love myself by taking care of me. Where did I learn that was a bad thing?

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Anonymous said...

I like what your doing. I to can relate, my best friend died from diabetes while she was just 20 years old!!
Stay strong!!!