Sunday, March 27, 2011

The road out of Woodbine

My second day in Georgia we began in the town of Woodbine. At the edge of town was the "Fat" memorial bridge over another of the dozens of rivers, creeks and swamps we crossed during our Winters walk. The bridge was long but in no way was it fat. The two lane bridges all through Georgia were not designed for pedestrian traffic or a small planet and a dog yet I pulled out my caution flag as we rolled up this long arch. I made it most of the way over before the cars began to line up behind us. I waved a few past before the Police Deputy got behind me and followed me to the other side and past the guardrail of the approach. When the Deputy got out of his vehicle to talk to me I looked up at the largest man I had met during my travels in the South, for that matter in all of the East Coast,this man was a Georgian Giant. We got along right away and I was soon on my way up the long straight country road. As the day went on I felt like he was either looking out for me or using me. He was pulling motorists over all day. Pulling them off to the side of the road just ahead and sauntering to their window just as I rolled around keeping a straight face pretending not to notice we were even there. The look on the drivers faces seemed to reveal their frustration at being caught not paying attention to the speedometer as they watched the World spinning at them in the distance. I played along and acted as if he wasn't there, saving my chuckles until I was well past them.
I enjoyed my time in rural Georgia.

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