Sunday, May 30, 2010

From Warren and then to Chatham

Today there were three, two men and a dog. The last time my son had come for a walk with me he was almost eleven and we were bringing up the rear of a St. Patrick's Day parade. Things have changed, now he has grown to a young man. We walked all day and I am proud that he has come to help. Nice (the dog) and he are good company for me and he was well received as we talked to people throughout the day. The dog is getting used to following him and I am able now to maneuver more easily and safely.

My days route was plotted by google's walking route and there was a two mile section that wasn't fit for any pedestrian much less a man with a six foot globe. We suvived it after many complaints on my part.
With all my complaints did come a couple sparks of light for our days journey that show me diabetes can be managed with results to the good. We rolled up a steep side street where a grandfather was using a leaf blower on his daughters driveway. He was diabetic and agreed that with determination the disease is managable. His daughter brought out one of her young twins to meet us as the proud granddad beamed with pride. Later in the day a young man drove up and told us of the hiking his father and he enjoy. His father is type 1 diabetic and is very athletic and has not let the condition hold him back . The young man was obviously proud of his dad. Both these moments show me diabetes is not a life sentence or a reason to loose hope.
I will continue to use the mapping giants guide for another day and I hope we survive, the Chatham police just reviewed the directions and think it should be alright.

Sleep is calling. Thanks for all the help and support people of New Jersey!

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Anonymous said...

The weather is so hot - I can't believe you made it to Chatham already despite the crazy "google" directions. I'm guessing you found someone nice to drive you back to Mt.Bethel as the van was gone when I got back in town last night. Hope all is well and that you, Ethan and Nice are meeting helpful folks along the way. Safe trip, I'll be following you on the blog. K