Saturday, May 8, 2010

My friend Gail

We made it to the point at St. Johns and Union in historic Havre de Grace where the statue of LaFayette stands. The hill down to the city was steep and treacherous. I was brought to my knees when I stepped in a hole hidden in the grass. No journey is complete without at least a slight sprain. At the most dangerous spot on the long hill, a woman who had read about us on this site stopped, turned her emergency flashers on, got out and gave us lunch. When we finally reached bottom, I stopped for the sandwich and apple with chips. Then the gale winds rolled-in as we approached downtown. This is as far as we can go. I have tied the World to the bench where we sit looking at Lafayette's back. The World is raised off the ground occasionally by the gale force winds. I do what Gail says.


Thell said...

Saw you rolling down my street(Otsego)
Gluck & be safe!

Sandra said...

It was wonderful meeting you today- my twin daughters, husband & I stopped to talk with you this windy afternoon! Thanks for caring about such an important cause! Best of luck to you and safe travels!