Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One a Day

We returned to Perth Amboy this morning and I cleaned the inside of the support van while waiting for a package to be delivered to the Fire Department. They were gracious to allow the package to be delivered there. A woman I met on the first week of our journey has taken it upon herself to solicit companies for some things for us (me and Nice the dog) to use on our walk. First I want to thank her for all her hard work. Thank you, L.

Thanks to Red Wing for the Vasque hiking boots. I wore one pair of Vasque on my 570 mile trip from Kentucky to Kansas, then wore them to walk up the Barr Trail on the east face of Pike's Peak on my Uncle's 83rd birthday. I wore them till the end of the year when the heel finally wore through to the plastic core. I had a pair of low cut boots in the same style when we walked from Louisville to Pittsburg  in 2007, about 430 miles. They lasted just as long. I would not walk without them. I have tested several brands and always go back to Vasque made by Red Wing.

They also provided some socks made in Vermont, "DARN TOUGH". I wore them all day and my feet feel good, darn good! I'll be wearing them when I get to Vermont.

Thanks also to MUTTLUKS who have provided Nice (the dog) with boots. It is forecast to be 91 degrees tomorrow and I'm sure Nice will feel the difference on the hot roads. If you want to find good dog boot makers, trust a Canadian boot maker, eh!

Aside from the many conversations I had today with police, business owners, and passers-by, there was one that made the day worth the world to me. I met a young woman who told me she had been Type-1 diabetic since her early teens and was now really working hard at taking care of herself because she just found out she was pregnant. Her aunt and I reminded her that it's those times when she does not make it important when she is doing silent damage to her self. I told her I had walked hundreds of miles to shake a finger at her. She took it in good spirit and said she would look up this site. I told her to look to the side bar and go to the DESA site for good information. I am just a guy stirring things up. If you are out there reading this young lady. Remember the finger!

If I could have a moment like that everyday on this journey, where it seems like I have some motivating influence,  perhaps to a glowing and beautiful pregnant mother-to-be, I will be a happy man.


Anonymous said...


Since your stay at our house in Westminster, MD, we have followed your progress with great interest. The shots of the World rolling down the streets of NYC were beautiful. What you are doing is very powerful on so many different levels and we will continue to pray for your safety as you journey north. Very cool to hear that your son may be joining you for part of the trip. Hope that works out. Can't wait to see those photos of you, the World, and Nice on top of Mt. Washington! :)

Steve, Gretchen & Mercedes.

jkizmann said...

I believe I saw you on my way to work this morning! Then again -- how many other people are pushing a giant globe along?

What you're doing is awesome!