Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The call.

I have made the decision to call this a job well done. My knee is not too far gone and I feel if I stubbornly walk for just one more day I could do damage that at this point is unnecessary. I have said I would walk until the Tenth of March. If I walk the remaining day the minor sprain could turn to a major injury. I hope to walk later in the year. So, staying healthy is important. One day doesn't matter. I hear I have done some good, brought the cause to people literally around the World.

Thanks to all for the support, I will keep updating and pushing forward as well as I can.


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Unknown said...

Hello from Singapore, 1/2 way around the big world from where we met on Hwy 17 north of Bwk, Ga on Wed Feb 16 on your way to the day's destination, Mudcat Charlie's. I was the fellow in the blue wrangler jeep that stopped to chat and asked you about Nice as he was resting. (I slipped you a Benjamin for the cause). So Bwk is my home home, but I work in Singapore. I have passed your blog to some folks over here. Good luck dude. pd