Saturday, July 14, 2012

Down in Drain

We made our way to the Drain of Oregon just as the heat of the day set in. Now we are on the shady side of The Family Bowling relaxing. I have decided to head over to the coast to take advantage of the cooler temperatures while I can. In the morning we will start for Elkton. There is a tunnel I will have to catch a ride thru. One of those"pride can get you killed situations. I've walked a lot of miles, don't look too break any more records by walking every inch so taking a short ride for safety is permissible.
Have a fun weekend, walk a little.


Anonymous said...

On the coast be careful there is a lot of fog and crazy drivers on the coast. Be careful and rock on.

Anonymous said...

Just passed you going through elkton Oregon! Prior poster gives good advice, but your giant globe also gives good visual! Have a safe fun journey. Keep on keeping on. Love from sutherlin Oregon the ray family