Thursday, July 19, 2012

Over the Fog Line

Early this morning I walked the Spinwheel Road, the old highway before the bridge that spanned a valley. Only in case of emergency when traffic is diverted do today's tourists venture on this first glimpse of the Oregon Dunes where the pines grow righ to the sand that tower over them. The tracks from the recreational vehicles accentuates it's vastness. It was there ,my friends, I must admit I took Liberty with the road as only a few cars passed by, I walked the line with the World in one hand guided by a string and my trusty Dog, Nice (the dog), in the other also led by a string. With n white line to speak of, I walked the yellow. It was there a couple of "the ancients" passed and I'm sure I disturbed their regular drive to town down the "old road". Having little to do when they returned home but to call the authorities. When, after posing the World in the road with the dunes in the background and made my way back to the highway I was not surprised when a trooper showed up with one thing in mind. To make the reason for these calls to go away. Once we clarified what constitutes a breach of the peace and an act of disorderly conduct of any kind concerning the "fog line", I switched sides and rolled the World in the ravine with me walking the line, dog by my side walking on the line. Safer,by far.
I then met a man who had seen me the day before but today had time to stop. I happened that he had taken care his father during his struggle with diabetes. From that he changed his ways, lost eighty pounds, ate "like a squirrel" with many small meals daily, looked fit and muscular as the best I've seen. He is just what I am talking about. It takes time, it canhappen. Even with me perhaps.
I'll nibble on a snack and be on my way in my disorderly fashion.
Love yourself, walk a curb, it is fun.


Anonymous said...

We just saw you walking!!! :) much love from vegas

Anonymous said...

I am that guy that stopped today and lost 80 lbs! My dad got diabetes wen I was 7 in 1976. I remember the day. It is a horrible disease and can be controlled by diet in many cases. Thank You Eric got being a leader and walking the walk! Re train your metabolism and you will take back your body!!! Check
Out and find us onfacebook too!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend & I saw you but didn't get a picture or comprehend the 'why' behind your journey,

After returning home to San Diego, he sent me this link & I feel compelled to say THANK YOU.