Thursday, July 19, 2012


The last sixteen miles of the picturesque road to Reedsport was clouded by a troublesome leak that reared it's ugly head when I got ready to leave from Wells Creek. A rip on the edge of the valve which I had glued long ago finally came loose. It was raining lightly and any attempt to fix it wouldn't hold. I put a "band-aid" of sorts on it with the contact adhesive and a piece of a plastic bag that held for the first four of the nineteen mile journey but each time I had to add air the tear became worse. The first few miles I added air at the mile markers by the road. Then it was twice each mile when I finally made it to town the battery was running down on my rechargeable pump and the hissing from the valve was getting louder. Every five or ten minutes I had to stop for air. A few blocks into Reedsport I met Guy who owns the motorcycle repair shop. When I explained my problem he offered to let me bring the World in the shop so I could clean the old goop and let the new set up overnight. It was a good thing because tit rained first thing in the morning and continued either misting or raining all day as I started down 101. The highway was narrow, not like 38 which Guy told me had once been voted the best scenic touring roadway in the nation, with guardrails on both sides in spots. We had ample room to pass along with the trucks, cars and cyclists. I had many stops talking to travelers from England, Sweden, Canada and more. The Coffee News of Reedsport and the weekly both had articles about us so the locals were enthusiast when they stopped to talk. I met a family from Louisianna who had seen us early this year who told me they had talked about seeing us and that it would be "cool" if they saw us on this trip. We got to Lakeside after the rainy day and some nice folks who were heading back to Reeedsport gave us a ride to Shemps (sp). I just talked to a ODOT supervisor who called ahead so the long bridge into Coos Bay won't be a problem.
Do try to get the blood flowing today. Not with video games but with actual exercise.

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