Friday, July 20, 2012

The Bend, the Bay, the "once over".

It seems like random. The people we meet. The seemingly wrong turn that leads to an uplifting conversation. Someone stops in a parking lot giving the people inside long enough to come out of a business that leads to an offer for a safe place to stay. Random.

We left from the fire station in North Bend at a normal time of seven thirty with the goal to walk only the few miles to the south end of Coos Bay. We stopped for breakfast where a man who had taken a series of photographs of our ride over the bridge and our walk into North Bend to the station. He had made a disk of them along with some choice pictures made from paper, old school fashion. I had my hat off during the rodeo over the bridge when I held the World in the bed by it's strapping. That picture showed off the farmers tan on my 'noggin', white as a babe's buttom. I was worried I'd loose that feather I had found on the Spinreel Road I had tucked in my hat-band. Next time I'll the feathers fly. Don't get me wrong, I like my bald head, but from behind in the sun against a blue background I look like Uncle Fester's light bulb. It's bad enough I look like uncle Fester from the front. Never-the-nun-the-less I do appreciate that he took the time to save the memory and find me again and give them to me. I then had a delicious breakfast talking with the man who gave me a ride last night. Then as I walked toward Coos Bay I talked with all the ODOT workers who I'd met since last night. They happened to be repairing the roadway on 101. We made our way to the Coos Bay Boardwalk where I stopped to talk and get a picture by the arched sign when I was invited for lunch at the fisherman's seafood market then walked down the walkway along the Bay. There a man ran across several lines of railroad tracks and through a ditch to come talk to me. He had seen us on the local news. He had suffered the tragedy of diabetes in his family and had to come see me. I guess the take charge of your Movement-movement- love yourself by walking- idea is something everyone can get excited about.

I have to cut this ramble short. I am 21 miles to the next stopping place. I have spent the afternoon gluing and repainting the weather-worn World today thanks to the Vietnam Veteran who stopped me in the parking lot of Kelley's Accounting who came out and soon offered sanctuary for the World. Once I got the van moved up I spent the day with paintbrush in hand. I must take time to maintain the World.
Have a good evening. I rarely check what I have written. I hope it makes sense.

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Sierra Yarnell said...

I saw you yesterday where you stopped and were taking pictures in coosbay at the board walk. Your an awesome person! I took a picture of you but Idk how to post it.