Sunday, July 15, 2012


We left for Elkton just after four this morning after a relaxing evening at Drain. It was overcast with scattered sprinkles. There is a tunnel along the way, we got a ride on the back of a truck to be safe. The last person I spoke to last night was a diabetic. The first man I spoke to this morning had been diagnosed three months ago and by loosing now just a few pounds each month he is already lessened his medications and is using pool-aerobics to. Work his knees after surgeries have slowed him down. It was good to talk to both of them, two people who are taking control. One has lived withit for decades, the other for just months, both with the right attitude.
We were hardly into Elkton when I was given a crazy ride back to Drain. Then after I had lunch I walked out of town to the Elkton community education center where I will sleep. At least fifteen miles to the next little town.
Love yourself, take it off-road and work it out.


Casey N said...

We saw you this morning on our way to Coos Bay in Elkton! And on thursday I saw you walking through the town I live in- Creswell. Great mission! My mother in law has diabetes and is working hard through diet and exersize to stay off meds and insulin. Great cause!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Lots of diabetics out there. Lost 2 in our family to it, one at childbirth and that child at age 27 last year. Saw you at wells creek inn!!!! Love that dog! Took a great photo of the earth and dog for Facebook! Bet you were inside! Keep on keepin on!!!!

Martha Jr. said...

Hi, Erik! Hope you're not cursing me for heading you westward. I'm glad you're getting into Reedsport (do I get that right?) Hope you got my email with the pix from your time in Creswell. Glad to hear you're past the tunnel safely!

Martha Jr.