Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goshen, Creswell

We left from the power lines Over the "old guys" shop as the sun rose above the transformers down two-lane. We have walked several days with high totals, we were both tender-footed. Creswell was not far so I took my time. I had to anyway because of high grass and watery ditch. The photographer from the local news met me early and soon returned with good news. She had talked to the Comfort Inn who gave us a room for the night. I could shower and Nice(the dog) could have a cool rest. When we had made our way to town we met with the editor, met or saw pass by many important locals, had a relaxing meal, posed for a few pictures before rolled to the hotel over the freeway bridge. I could tell I need a couple relatively easy days (less than the fifteen-plus we have been walking), I had a headache, one from being tired, a lack-of-sleep drunkeness. I spent the day wondering why I had posted my previous post concluding exhaustion my thoughts. What was I thinking?! Though we walked only six miles I was more tired than any day in the past week. I am very grateful for the generosity of the good people in Creswell for great timing when we need help. The helpful photographer-organizer-town mom also made contacts for the next town. All's well in Creswell.
Sore and tired as I am still it's less than ten miles today. That should be a breeze. Unless the breeze blows against the World.
Have a great day Oregon.

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