Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scappoose to Portland

Overcast all day with a little rain when we got closer to the city. I don't mind a little sprinkles. Will take it over a hot sun. I will enjoy it while I can. It is hot over most of the nation. The first person who stopped was nice woman, we talked for awhile. She even gave me her number in case I needed a ride. As I was leaving she recited a list of friends and family with diabetes. I have met few who have no one in their life who does not suffer from it, heartbreaking. Along the river the shoulder was tight with a high retaining wall and a few feet to the white line. The dirt and grime built up on the soggy world. I passed the St. Johns bridge, the Golden gate-mini as I was told by a father who stopped so his tiny children could say hello, along industrial buildings and train tracks. A young man asked if he could make a portrait of me with his camera, that I was probably asked that all the time. Actually he was the first ... Everyone else takes a picture, I felt special, really I did. Like my father once said, "It's the presentation. When serving toast, make it pretty." I passed Linnton, the last row of business for miles. The world was already wet and dirty so I kept walking. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some people waving me over from a dead end side street across from the industrial side by the river. Before I could finish the meal they served from the family gathering we were swept back to Scappoose and parked on the street overnight. The rains moved in just after I got settled lasting all night. Not a hard rain but constant. Still amazed at the help I get, the perfect timing.
Now the mist has lightened so it is time to get my things together and find my way through downtown Portland.
Find a few minutes, walk.


Creek said...

Great to talk with you and meet your friendly dog, "Nice". Thanks for raising awareness of diabetes, a disease that touches many lives.
Happy trails!
Carole, Portland,OR

Anonymous said...

Saw you yesterday driving home from Scappoose and just now rollin' by my house in John's Landing! Safe journeys and rock on!

umbrae said...

Hello from Reddit, Erik!