Sunday, July 29, 2012

three feathers

I began the day with three only
Tucked in my hat band
One, the last I found in Oregon
Two,the first in California
Three,the pretty one I found "down east" in Maine.
Walking through the Tolwa Indian Nation and the few miles to the river bridge my hat band is full. By no other standard, this is a good day.
As I approached the bridge a man stopped and asked me to wait bor him to go to town and get his truck so I can get safely across the narrow bridge. Since he simply appeared at the right moment, I accepted. I walked to the other side of the road to wait, there at the spot I crossed was another very large feather. A good sign.
It is probably not too long but traffic has been steady and busy. It is a good excuse to relax and enjoy my first day at the edge of the giants, the Redwoods.
The safe ride approaches...


No Longer a Family. said...

Seen you a little while ago about 20m to be more precise. wife was curious so I looked you up as she is amazed and curious how far you will walk. She has only been in the states for a year.

Keep the great work up and we wish you both great health and success


~Kendri said...

Wonderful Chatting with you today. I've pposted your pics on facebook hopefully you will have lots a helping hands soon.