Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gold Beach

We left Ophir at twenty until one with 'nary a car or truck for hours. Though I was tired and aching we managed to get to the bridge into Gold Beach in time to pass without causing an incident. After meandering into town, having breakfast and coffee, I stopped at the grocery. When I came out the intercity transit bus was outside and heading back up the coast so I was able to retrieve the van, get a place to park for the day, nap awhile before getting a few new patches on the World. Now if I can get back to sleep I will start the long trek to Billings,or Brookings, they all blend together after a time which will take two days even without traffic and sunshine the entire way there..
This morning at the check out line at the grocery a man was there with his granddaughter. He was paying for the candy bar she had chosen. I asked her if she would like one of my oranges to go with the candy bar. She lit up with a smile and gladly took the fruit. The grandfather thanked me also.
Though I walked all night only being seen by trucks and a few early commuters I felt I had done something good giving the girl a better choice.
Once I get to California I hope to walk more in the daylight but for now I should conduct my disorderliness, for the most part at night.

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Julie in Brookings said...

Today Deana and I had the pleasure of meeting Erik and Nice. They are awesome people (Nice is really a dog but please don't tell him). We wish them safety and happiness in their travels.