Friday, July 6, 2012


The sky was clear as we walked the "baker's dozen" from Amity. While strolling from shade tree to shade tree along the road we passed miles of new gas pipeline construction, progress. As always many who stopped to talk were diabetic, too many. We had hardly passed Rickreall's signpost when a man walked from his home and offered to help. After we got the van parked by his driveway and had some homemade hummus made with a substitute from the garden, zucini' (I can't spell). I was asleep well before dark and slept well. We probably will not walk over ten miles today as we are getting used to the increasing heat. Nothing like the east's heat wave but it is getting hotter.
Enjoy the day, maybe have a walk to take in some fresh air and scenery.


RoxAnneJ said...

Saw you walking by while I was working (on the natural gas pipeline). Sorry I couldn't stop and say hi, but best of luck on your travels and diabetes awareness! Sharing your site on Facebook too.

Amelia Rose and Me said...

I took your picture last week-- one of the oregonian picture takers. Travel safely and walk on!