Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ants on a Volcano

I don't know what I wrote this morning, I had to drive to the mountaintop for some unfinished business and to press "send". I thought I might read it and decide "not to." I hope it wasn't something embarrassing.
We walked onto this beautiful island in the rain to end our walk for diabetes control and prevention with exercise. Ethan and I have been around the island and seen many wonders of nature. We both agree on one thing: All our country has beauty if we would only slow down to look. Perhaps it's just outside your window or within an afternoon's walk with a loved one, or in memory of one. We came to the top of Cadillac and stood together today. The symbolic end of this walk. A boy, his son, and Nice(the dog) walk from Arlington to Acadia.


Anonymous said...

Erik, Ethan and Nice,
Your walk should be winding down sometime soon. I see you're deep into Maine. Having you roll into our lives was a real highlight to our summer. It was great to see the article published by the Newtown Bee. Thanks for your help in clearing the driveway and moving those big ass doors, I've since put a sharpened chain on the saw. I've got a few photos of you all if you're interested in them.
All the best,
Phil & Joanne Keane
Newtown CT

Sarah said...

Erik, Ethan and Nice,
I have been following you postings since I met you in Leominster, MA on June 28. Meeting you was one of the highlights of my summer! I have shared you story with many people over the summer and more importantly, shared your message. You have made such a positive impression on so many people throughout your long journey-you will not soon be forgotten. Congratulations to all three of you. Time to soak your feet and have a well-deserved beer!
Sarah Sabatini
Leominster, MA

Bhug said...

I hope you keep posting and keep us posted. Thank you, Nice and Ethan for doing what you did.
I've followed you since Elkton, Maryland.