Sunday, August 22, 2010

No way!

When driving along the highways of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and now in Massachusetts, it is hard for me to believe I walked these miles. Then I remember stopping here or there for the night and am blown away at the distance we walked to the next night's rest. I have driven in hours what took many weeks. The narrow roadways in Vermont are now even more so from the overgrown grasses, the tight bridges, and guardrails forgotten. I'm seeing them now and am in disbelief. Yet, we walked the miles. From the expressway above Bangor to Boston may be a four hour drive. By the path we took the drive was more than a day, several hundred miles. Though I walked the distance I need to be convinced. I really did the deed, and I have only retraced my steps through three states.
This is one small piece of my thoughts about this journey. My mind is in overload...

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Amanda said...

I only just read the article about you that my mom sent to me in the mail (I think to prove that she wasn't crazy for thinking she had seen you in Bangor). I live in Bar Harbor and ran to check your blog after reading that you were coming this way. Sorry I missed you, though I am surprised I did. Great job for your perseverance. Praise the Lord that you made it. Amanda