Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"It's a natural aroma"

It had to happen sometime that I find out the reason when I smell skunk it doesn't repulse me. I am one of those who, say, if your dog jumps out of the van late at night and gets sprayed in the mouth and eye would let him back in to sleep with the door closed.

I had to go for a walk, then come back to it to smell it. It rained last night and the gravel road to this camp leaves sand on the wet globe. So, I walked it up to the highway and left it in a farm yard till I make it back to begin walking again. The woman who lives there had some parting words, this post's title.

As I write this I hear one of the neighbor campers choking... a sort of gagging cough. Just a coincidence. Maybe.

Well, it is a fine view of the lake.


Andrea Lake said...

LOL . . . thank you WorldGuy. You made my day start with laughter!

JK said...

So this is my story. When in high school my girl friend and I got sprayed. We smeled but our close did not. try explanning that to mom and dad. hee hee :)